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 Betty Lawrie (Lulu's Mum)
 - Her real name is Elizabeth - Kennedy Cairns.
 - Betty was born in 1927.
 - She married Eddie Lawrie when she was 19.
 - She is the mother of Lulu, Billy, Edwina & Gordon.
 - Betty sadly died in August 1996 of Stomach Cancer.

 Eddie Lawrie (Lulu's Dad)
 - Eddie was born in 1925.
 - He married Betty at the age of 22.
 - He worked as a butcher in the Glasgow Meat Market.
 - Eddie is the father of Lulu, Billy, Edwina & Gordon.
 - Eddie sadly died in October 1998 of a Heart Attack.

 Billy Lawrie (Lulu's Brother)
 - Billy was born in August 1951.
 - He is 3 years younger than Lulu.
 - He was Lulu's manager in 2008.

 Edwina (Lulu's Sister)
 - Edwina was born in September 1959.
 - She is 11 years younger than Lulu.
 - She was Lulu's bridesmaid at wedding to Maurice Gibb.
 - Edwina sang in a pop group called 'Reflections'.

 Gordon Lawrie (Lulu's Brother)
 - Gordon was born in 1964.
 - He is Lulu's youngest sibling.

 Jordan Frieda (Lulu's Son)
 - Jordon was born on June 17, 1977.
 - He is the son of Lulu and John Frieda.
 - Jordan went to Eton College for 5 years.
 - He married his girlfriend Alana Rice in December 2008.
 - Jordan runs his own catering business.
 - Jordan is the father of Isabella Rose.

 Tiffany (Lulu's Niece)
 - Tiffany is the daughter of Lulu's sister Edwina.
 - Tiffany is eldest sister to Azzy and Jeremy.

 Alana Rice (Lulu's daughter-in-law)
 - Alana married Jordan Frieda in December 2008.
 - Alana is the mother of Isabella Rose.

 Isabella Rose (Lulu's Granddaughter)
 - Isabella Rose was born on 29 December 2009.
 - Isabella Rose is the daughter of Jordan Frieda and Alana Rice.
 - Isabella Rose is Lulu's first grandchild.

Last updated: 18 February 2011

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